Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

Any association, like the Building Designers’ Association of Queensland Inc hereafter BDAQ) is required to collect and maintain a database of personal information about its members.

BDAQ obtains, at the time of your application for membership, your name, business name (if applicable) and contact details all of which enables the association to maintain contact with you. This enables us to provide notices of all the services for which you joined.

In terms of complying with the Rules of Association, we are also required to obtain details of your professional experience, educational qualification and QBCC licence status. To allow us to promote your practice and to accurately represent the profession, we also have information on the type of work you undertake. We may also from time to time collect other information of a general nature.

BDAQ always endeavours to maintain your contact details up to date and encourages each member to notify the office of changes to relevant information as changes occur.

All information is stored in buildings which are secured when not occupied and generally protected from unauthorised access. Only BDAQ staff are authorised to access files containing personal information.

Use of Personal Information

Your personal contact details are kept on an electronic database for use by the association in maintaining contact with you, to advise you of activities and events which may be of interest to you, to inform you of the latest information on legislative and other industry changes and other similar activities.

Limited information is made available to the Association’s corporate partners for the sole purpose of allowing them to keep you informed of the latest in building materials and products and services available to you and your client or project. Similar information may be made available to members of the public who seek information from BDAQ about engaging a designer for a project.

BDAQ does not keep files on individual members but may have files covering individual incidents such as complaints against members. Any member in such a position is contacted and provided with full details as part of the investigation of any incident.

The contact details and scope of work of members who have the membership category of Member or Life member will be displayed on the BDAQ website in order to promote their practice to people who are seeking the services of a building designer.

In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, any member, following a written request may have access to their personal information which the BDAQ has in its possession. Reasonable time must be provided for the association to comply with such a request.

Your Choice

Any member may request that their personal information as described above or any part of that information be not provided to corporate partners or members of the public as described above.

Such a request must be in writing and addressed to the Executive Officer at the below address:

66 Merivale St,
South Brisbane Qld 4101

If you wish to continue to receive information from corporate partners and be referred to members of the public for design work you do not need to do anything but please keep us informed of changes of your details.


Find a Building Designer Disclaimer

This website consists in part of materials prepared by the Building Designers Association of Queensland Inc (hereafter BDAQ) and in part profiles submitted by members. Whilst the BDAQ has ensured that all profiles appearing within the Find A Building Designer website are of persons who are Building Designers licensed under Queensland Laws at the time of creating the page, the BDAQ cannot ensure the accuracy of the information provided by members to this site and does not warrant the accuracy of such information and the BDAQ will not, subject to any terms implied by law and which cannot be excluded, accept any liability for any loss or damage (consequential or otherwise) suffered by you or as a direct or indirect result of any inaccuracy or incorrectness of the information contained in such profiles. In particular, you are alerted to the fact that whilst the BDAQ seeks to ensure that information contained in member’s profiles posted to this site is up to date, such information may change after posting and it is up to you to ensure that before you enter into a contract with any member you make and rely upon your own enquiries as to capabilities of the member and as to the current rate or rates applicable to the services provided under such contract.